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Wednesday, 21 September 2016


Motivation jury panel

CINEARCHITECTURE impressed the Corporate LiveWire panel with her commitment to art and design. The panel were particularly admiring of the company’s willingness to endeavour to try and sample new techniques. This is seen in their examples of architectual experimentations, such as their work in MAYA software which demonstrates architectural design building in or on water. Corporate LiveWire also appreciated CINEARCHITECTURE’s work in using their innovations to create sustainable buildings in a major city that strengthen the environment as opposed to harm it.

CINEARCHITECTURE’s work is commended further in how it pushes boundaries – Agneta’s work in examining the female form, body and mind is groundbreaking and alleviates her architectural designs. The architectural design is based on Agneta’s Artstudy LA Modulor (that has been exhibited in New York, London, Lisbon and Stockholm). Originally inspired by the French modernist architect Le Corbuisers and his study LE Modulor, most of the work in art and architecture combine with inspiration from how the female body and soul expresses itself. In addition, there is also a kind of human sustainability: how people can understand each other’s reality from different gender, cultures, economic systems, et cetera.

This inspires, and is part of, CINEARCHITECTURE’s philosophy. CINEARCHITECTURE has planned a sustanaible green housing area with 1800 apartments outside Stockholm. It is planned to start to build in 2021. CINEARCHITECTURE is currently discussing a large project in China. In Autumn 2016, the first LA Modulor Residence will be built in Stockholm. The group work in academia, as well as editing books. Agneta Hildén herself has published a number of renowned books on art, architecture, science and philosophy. 

Monday, 16 March 2015

Contact ! 0707521793

CreFAST AB is part of the Cinearchitecture group. CreFAST AB works with land and property development, we have in recent years been developing an ecological residential area, 1800 homes, densification of Stockholm city center with high-rise, allotment gardens and urban farming mm. With our broad expertise in project management and architecture and interior design, we also work with the design of smaller public buildings, apartement houses and villas to private individuals.

Welcome to contact us !

0707521793 Agneta Eriksson Hilden

Monday, 19 May 2014

Do you want some Architectural work done by cine architecture

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