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Sustainable high-rise buildings and green oasis in the heart of a StockholmCINEArchitecture's one of the newest projects is a participation in an Project in debate for a development completion of Västra staden project in Stockholm, Sweden. It is a project that proposes an expansion of a central Norrmalm and Vasastaden areas of Stockholm by covering the railroad tracks that run along a Klara river coastline in areas from Tegelbacken to Karlberg. According to plans, the new area should have varied urbanization with offices, residential, retail premises and cultural activities.As a part of this idee, CINEArchitecture was working on a proposal, that would minimize a growing problem with living and workspaces in a growing city of Stockholm. Furthermore, this proposal would also improve the overall ecosystem of the city and the well-being of its residents.The project would consist of two stages. The first a creation of a green line along a Klara river, forming a green area, an oasis …

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